Fulton Water Utility

Commission Chairman

Mike Rebman

10230 N Edgewood Shores
Edgerton WI 53534

Phone: (608) 290-4438
Email: mcrebman@gmail.com

Appointed, Term Exp. 4/23

Commission Member

Becky Bittner

10147 N Bigalow Ln.
Edgerton WI 53534

Phone: (608) 884-2488
Email: rebeccajbittner@gmail.com

Appointed, Term Expires 4/2022

Certified Water Utility Operator (part-time)

Ron Griffin

Phone: (608) 751-5336
Email: rgriffin5656@gmail.com

Water Department Administrative Assistant

Diane Henning

Phone: (608) 608-868-4103
Email: fulton@townoffulton.com

Commission Member

Scott Wileman

10463 Riverview Dr.
Edgerton WI 53534

Phone: (608) 884-2553
Email: swileman77@icloud.com

Appointed, Term Expires 4/2023

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